40th Anniversary Message

I am humbled and thrilled to celebrate our 40th anniversary. What a journey it has been! For four decades, we've been helping create pest-free environments and making more communities better and safer.

My wife and I started this family business in 1982 under the name D.A. Alog Enterprise. It had small beginnings as a dealer of poultry veterinary supplies and pesticides. Two years later, we were appointed as sole Philippine distributor for the world famous Swingfog fogging machine from Germany. In 1996, it was incorporated as ALOG & Company, Inc. with family members as incorporators.

Our clients trusted us. Our friendliness and sense of customer satisfaction opened one door after another and helped establish our name in the industry. We triumphed in being entrusted by several multinational companies as exclusive or one of the authorized distributors in the Philippines of most of their vector-control products.

Our utmost gratitude goes to our partners who have been with us for over 35 years--BAYER, BASF and Syngenta for vector-control products, B&G of USA and Swingtec of Germany for the sprayers, misting machines and fogging machines.

Fifteen years ago, at the age of 70, I retired from our family business. I wanted to enjoy life and do the things that my wife and I had always hoped to do while we are still healthy and strong. I am most gratified in retirement for how well my successors, elder son Perry as Chairman and youngest Dennis as President/CEO, are able to continue the family business and bring it to the next level. The business revenue multiplied more than twofold from the time they took over with the support of our dedicated and loyal employees.

ALOG & Company, Inc. is heading towards new horizons and with the second generation’s vision with action, the family business is in good hands and will continue with its growth and expansion. My wife and I are happy and thrilled for the company’s destination.

Dionisio A. Alog